Day 1

Walking in Parma is like walking through history

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On a winter evening, when the fog covers the streets and buildings, in a romantic and timeless atmosphere, we can image those elegant ladies and gentlemen who just came out of a performance at Teatro Regio. With the sun the city begins to change and it becomes even more beautiful at sunset when the Duomo, one of the major works of Romanesque architecture in Italy, seems to lighten up the pink marble of Verona, of which the Baptistery is made.

The majestic Palazzo della Pilotta is located close to Teatro Regio. Once it was the Farnese family seat; which became National Gallery offering a mix of masterpieces of different eras. Worth of a visit are also the archaeological Museum and Bodoni Museum (a must for typography lovers) and the Palatine Library.


You should enter Palazzo della Pilotta, go up the Imperial Stair and enter the Farnese Theatre, simply amazing!

Day 2

If you are visiting Parma you should visits at least one of its beautiful castles in its surroundings. We suggest the visit of Torrechiara Castle.

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It is certainly the most spectacular, more imponent and even more popular castle in the province. It was set of many movies, for example in Ladyhawke Richard Donner, starring Michelle Pfeiffer, Matthew Broderick and Rutger Hauer.

A mixture of Medieval and Renaissance art, the castle is located in a wonderful panoramic position overlooking the Parma river valley, a vineyard area. Walls, trenches and towers enclose magnificent painted rooms with suggestive names: ”Hall of Acrobats”, “Aurora Room” and many others, including the Golden Hall. This castle even has a ghost story! It seems, in fact, that during the nights of the full moon, in the castle appears the ghost of the beautiful Duchess Bianca Pellegrini, here buried alive by her jealous husband…


Parmigiano Reggiano tasting with visit of a cheese factory where you will be told all the secrets of this prestigious product. I’ms sure you have never tasted such an excellent Parmigiano!

Day 3

Even in Fontanellato there is a castle, Rocca Sanvitale, an imposing fortress built in the 14th century, on an earlier 12th century castle, but you still have to discover the best!

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This charming fortress is surrounded by a moat full of water: it is home to one of the masterpieces of Parmigianino and a Canova statue and 3 optical rooms, which date back to the 19th century. Thanks to an ingenious system of mirrors, they reflect and project the image of the square in front of three screens, covering a 180 ° viewing arc.

Now we are off to the Labyrinth of Franco Maria Ricci, the greatest monumental labyrinth of the world made of bamboo trees. The complex of the labyrinth includes a cultural foundation occupying more than 5000 square meters, where Franco Maria Ricci’s art collection will exhibit (more than 500 pieces of art, dating from the XVIth to the XXth century, among which Wildt, Bernini, Carracci, Ligabue) and a library dedicated to the most acknowledged examples of the art of typography and graphic design, including many works by Giambattista Bodoni and the complete production of the typographer Alberto Tallone. This historical collection will be completed by every book by Franco Maria Ricci in his 50 years career. Masone Labyrinth, covering over 7 hectares of land in his estate in the countryside near Parma, was grown out with a variety of bamboo species.


Get lost in the labyrinth, like Alice in Wonderland and have lunch at the labyrinth’s bistro; here you will taste delicious Culatello di Parma (a typical cold cut of the region).